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Thank you for supporting a small UK business.

All Mother Knows Best Tees are designed, printed & hand-finished by a small and particularly friendly in-house team nestled in the Surrey hills.

A small and friendly team of one, occasionally 2 when I can bribe my husband with beer.

Meet MKB’s Founder

Laura lives in Godalming with her husband and son. Strawberry laces, to-do-lists & finding charity shop bargains are a few of her favourite things.

When she’s not busy planning the next big step for Mother Knows Best she likes to unwind in the tub and reminisce about the days when she sat quietly and drank a coffee that was still hot.

What we stand for

“Motherhood is lifechanging.

The very instant my gorgeous boy came into this world everything changed. It was most definitely for the better but by gosh it was different.

A planner at heart, I was certain I’d anticipated everything motherhood would throw at me. I’d read the books and done the courses but, mum guilt aside, it wasn’t my new baby that was giving me the hardest time. It was me.

I’d never anticipated that I’d change. My thoughts, my feelings, and by gosh my body.

I remember being repulsed looking down at my flabby belly and sore C-section scar. As I began to heal, I was determined to transform back into the ‘old’ me & wear my old pre-baby clothes.

Yet as I eventually squeezed myself back into those jeans a different issue arose. After bending down to pick up baby in a super short pre-baby dress and flashing all the guests at a friend’s son’s Christening I was mortified. It still haunts me to this day. My style might fit me but it didn’t work for me anymore.

I’d lost my identity. My sense of self.

I remember googling ‘What should mums wear?’ ‘What’s flattering on a post-baby body?’

The knee-jerk reaction ended in me buying a floor length, under-boob grandma skirt from a charity shop and my husband telling me I looked like a 1940s housewife.

Did I want to be a 1940s housewife?


Back then anything was game.

From all that mammoth change and crushing self-doubt sprung Mother Knows Best.”

Our purpose is to support all amazing mums on the heart-wrenching yet beautiful journey that is motherhood. Our tees do good deeds too. 20% of the profits from our Tees goes to a range of charities from supporting post-natal depression to fighting for our maternity rights.

Mother Knows Best hosts a range of playful, ‘tongue-in-cheek’ Tees for stylish mamas out there unashamedly winging their way through motherhood.