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#mumbossmondays with Nohelia founder of Do-Gooders

When did you start your business & why?

I started The Do-Gooders in May 2019, my baby was 18 months then and as a family, we’d been dealing with the loss of both my partner’s parents in that same year, which was obviously devastating but also a massive wake up call. I was back part-time to my regular corporate job after maternity leave, but I knew I needed to do something different. At the beginning of the year, I wrote down all of my dreams and visions of what would make me feel like I was using my talents, time and resources to make a difference. I took the time to think about short, mid and long term goals, dreams and ambitions, and there it was, the idea of a non-profit that helps everyday consumers make better choices was part of that crazy creative brainstorming exercise.

What’s been the highlight of running your own business so far?

Definitely the people I’ve been able to meet. Working with companies with purpose means that most of the time their owners and staff are incredible and inspiring individuals, full of great ideas and similar values to mine. Some organisations find us and contact us very excited wanting to get involved, others I get as recommendations, and when I reach out to them, the response is always so humbled and honest. It’s only early days but it’s been lovely to be part of this “industry” of companies doing good for society or the environment, I feel lucky.

How do you organise your time?

Life as a marketing consultant, mum of a 2 years old and founder of this non-profit is definitely busy! I try to dedicate at least 1 day a week to The Do-Gooders, and the rest working as a consultant for different social enterprises. My partner and I also rotate to take 1 day off on Fridays so our daughter is only 4 days a week at nursery. That means that not 2 days are the same, there’s a lot to juggle, but I like the dynamism of it.
Depending on the day, my partner or I take our little girl to nursery after 8am and I try to leave the house for work by 9am.  I have a desk in a co-working space near home where I do most work, but some weeks I’d have in-house client meetings every day in a week! Nursey pick up is at around 5pm, dinner at 6pm and bedtime for the little one at 7:30pm. If we’re lucky we still have some energy to do chores around the house and watch a documentary or series before going to bed.

What’s the biggest life lesson you want to pass down to your children?

Realising what you want is the first step towards getting it. The older I get, the more I convince myself of this. I have this funny story of when I arrived in London for the first time in 2009. I was studying a Masters and working as a waitress in corporate events. Back home in Venezuela, I had an early but already quite successful marketing career and I knew my situation was only temporary. One day walking near Angel station I looked at the (then) new and (still) beautiful Angel Building in one corner, and told myself “how cool would it be to work there?”. Fast forward 6 years and I was being hired by Expedia, the travel company, who owned those offices!
That’s only a silly example, but I do believe that building the life you want starts by knowing what that looks like.  That’s what I’d like to pass on to my daughter, the ability to connect with her desires and dreams and go for them.

What business tip would you give to mums thinking of starting out alone?

It might feel overwhelming, but you can do it! Simplify your idea to a size which you can manage yourself and once you’ve managed to build that, test it out, experiment, test and listen to feedback. Put your customers always at the centre of what you’re doing and most questions will answer themselves.

What’s does your ‘mum uniform’ comprise of?

I love jeans! Most of the time I’ll pair them with trainers and a jumper, very simple and comfy. If I’m meeting a prospective client or have a reason to “dress up”, I’d add a smart-ish jacket to that outfit and maybe change the trainers for boots… but I never really go too far away from that look, to be honest, I like keeping it simple.

You can follow The Do-Gooders on FacebookInstagram and find out more about they’re great work at thedogooders.co.uk

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